Sage Compatible Laser Inkjet Forms

Box QtyDescriptionOur CodeOriginal CodePrice
Accounting Forms (A4)
1000Invoice 1 partSLINV1063921£38.00
500Invoice 1 partSLINV1063921£24.00
500Invoice 2 part CollatedSLINV20630£38.00
1000Statement/Remittance 1 partSLSTATR106402£40.00
500Statement/Remittance 1 partSLSTATR106402£24.00
500Statement/Rem 2 part CollatedSLSTATR2N/A£41.60
1000Remittance Advice 1 partSLREM106412£38.00
500Remittance Advice 1 partSLREM106412£24.00
Payroll Forms (A4, 2 per sheet - not laser mailers)
1000Laser Mailer PayslipSGE060068033£125.00
2000Payslip 1 part *SLPAY10680£50.00
1000Payslip 1 part*SLPAY10680£29.00
2000Addressable Payslip 1 part**SLPAYADD068021£56.00
1000Addressable Payslip 1 part**SLPAYADD068021£34.00
* Use Pay Envelope SE45 ** Use Pay Envelope SE46 or SE47
1000White window (Inv, Stat, Stat/Rem) SE280646£25.90
1000Payslip Envelope ManillaSAGENV10621£33.00
1000Pay Envelope Manilla (Name only)SE460628£34.60
1000Pay Envelope Manilla (Name/Address)SAGENVADD0629£38.00
SAGE Compatible Continuous Forms
Box QtyDescriptionOur CodeOriginal CodePrice
Accounting Forms
1000Invoice 2 partSAG040060512£42.00
750Invoice 3 partSE03060513£39.00
500Invoice/Delivery Note 4 partSE04065924£44.00
1000Statement/Remittance 1 partSAG0200604011£30.00
1000Statement/Remittance 2 partSAG030060422£42.00
1000Remittance Advice 1 partSE22065821£34.00
Payroll Forms
1000Payslip 2 part*SAG0100606£29.00
1000Addressable Payslip 2 part**SAG511060632£48.00
1000Security Payslip Mailer 3 part (with address)SE3706342£60.00
1000Security Payslip 3 part (Version 5 upwards)SAG5140632£52.00
* Use Pay Envelope SE45 ** Use Pay Envelope SE46 or SE47


Established in Stroud, Gloucestershire in 1993, the MDL Kelex Group has progressed rapidly to achieve an annual turnover in excess of £1m, mostly through repeat orders from valued clients. We are proud of the fact that our strength and success is built on a customer-led, high quality and cost effective service.

Training, trust and teamwork are the cornerstones of our management approach, and our highly experienced staff are here to help customers achieve the most cost effective solutions.

MDL Kelex offers a nationwide service and has a broad client base that ranges from sole traders to nationally known names from the hotel, education, commercial, industrial, leisure, retail and local government sectors.

The Group consists of three main divisions.