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Office Supplies

Please select from the ranges below. All our computer office supplies are delivered within the next day or two.

We have a huge selection of affordable office supplies at MDL Kelex. We supply everything from pens to desktop organisers, from post-it notes to memo pads, notebooks, and blank forms, as well as hole punchers and staplers – we supply your office for success.

When it comes to paper products, there are all sorts to choose from. If you’re looking for recycled paper or the highest quality printer paper, at MDL Kelex we have everything you need for writing, printing and copying. There are various types of tapes, adhesive films, markers and dispensers, as well as products for filing and presentation, plus correction products and important desktop accessories to choose from.

Ergonomic items like mousepads and laptop holders are also available among our selection of handy office supplies. We hope these will lighten your workload in your modern office.

When it comes to buying essential office supplies online, choosing the correct product can be difficult, that's why we've made our website to ensure you find the category and brand you need in as few clicks as possible.

Whether you require office supplies for home or work, you can choose from leading brands such as Bic for your refills, Pentel, Post-It, Avery, Q-Connect and hundreds more are no more than a couple of clicks away.

All orders use a secure payment system and are available with Next-day deliveries nationwide.

All our team are trained so can offer advice on the best product options available.
We pride ourselves on supplying a quality product and excellent service.


MDL Kelex has been supplying office supplies to local companies in Stroud and the surrounding county of Gloucestershire for over 20 years. We are constantly working with our suppliers to make sure the products are the best quality and price. If you need a specific product or are unable to find your product then please call us for help.

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